Growth Strategy and Financing Solutions

Growth Financing Solutions

Our extensive network in private equity and venture capital industry provides us with a competitive edge in advising companies who are seeking private equity and venture capital investments. We can help ambitious and high-achieving company founders from diverse backgrounds who are working to reinvent businesses and operational models across key business sectors to tap into competitive venture capital markets. For established companies we can help find growth capital or private equity partners for high growth potential companies looking for strong financial business partners to help expand their business. Obtaining the financing from private equity and venture capital funds is very competitive since those entities receive a large number of projects but select only a few. We can provide you with resources that are essential to prepare the proper approach and documentation to maximise the success for finding a suitable private equity or venture capital investment partner.

Scaling Up Strategy

COVID-19 disruption will impact businesses on a massive scale. Only companies that can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and exploit the crisis as the opportunity will be able to thrive in the times of uncertainty. These unprecedented times present the opportunity to redesign business approach examining the core elements: people, strategy, implementation and cash generation potential. Finding the right people with the right skills to help a business to the next level remains a stubborn problem. Expansion often requires substantial funds and our extensive network of private equity and venture capital investors can help identify the right partner to scale up the business. Together these two issues are the over-riding priority concerns for our ambitious scale-ups. Businesses of any size – from startups to mature companies – will need to reposition in post-COVID-19 world. We can help with proven tools and methodology while avoiding common traps many growing businesses fall into.

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