Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Solutions

Private Equity & Venture Capital Fund Solutions

Our private equity and venture capital advisory services are targeted to both investors and companies seeking private equity investments. We can provide a full range of services to private equity and venture capital investors including fundraising from investors / limited partners (LPs), deal origination, deal structuring, valuation, exit planning and execution.

Local Market Knowledge

Our local presence and market knowledge provide detailed market screening and deal sourcing insights and a complete overview of both tried and tested investment strategies as well as new market opportunities. Our approach is to focus on scaling up strategy for portfolio companies exploiting the consolidation opportunities in the national and regional markets.

Integration of ESG objectives in investment strategy at fund and portfolio company level

We specialise in providing advisory services to private equity and venture capital funds on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives both at fund and portfolio company level.

The growth in ESG and responsible investment strategy over the recent years has been impressive. Limited partners (LPs) are increasingly asking general partners (GPs) to demonstrate they have a structured approach to managing ESG risks and opportunities and ESG considerations are being incorporated into Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) terms. Over the past few years, research has shown that ESG strategy pays off by delivering superior financial returns. COVID-19 is only going to accelerate those trends since ESG funds are outperforming the wider market (Q1 2020).

We believe that unprecedented disruption being wrought by this pandemic will accelerate the adoption of ESG objectives in the investment strategy both at the fund and portfolio level. Existing and future regulatory changes at EU-level (EC’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance) provide a further decisive impetus to embrace sustainability aspects.

We can advise private equity funds at all stages of the investment process. We can assist private equity managers in their fundraising process to adopt ESG strategy at the fund level. During the investment phase our services include ESG due diligence, gathering sustainability and ESG key performance indicators (KPIs), industry benchmarking, identifying risks, proposing action plans, monitoring and reporting on performance. We can also assist in defining the communication strategy with various stakeholders, including investor engagement and preparing sustainability / ESG reports. In addition to in-house resources, we can rely on our network of industry specialists and service providers to support complex and highly technical products.

Mirna Marovic, CEO at VX, is a holder of EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) diploma.

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